valveIT has signed an important agreement with TNG a powerful trading company baser on Doha – Qatar. TNG is the unique responsible company to promote and handle valveIT brand in Qatar. We’d like to wish to TNG staff the best for a mutual plenty future. 

HSEQ – Health, safety, enviroment and quality approvals. ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001.

valveIT has implemented a comprehensive HSEQ management certified system by Kiwa under ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001



ALBILAD Group visiting valveIT srl

ALBILAD is one of the largest Iraqi companies in Iraq for Designing, Planning, Implementing all Contructions, MEP and infrastructure works as General Contractor and EPC.

They have visited than approved valveIT technology for their project.

Thanks for the kind visit and the time spent together.





ALBILAD team on valveIT warehouse.

Demetrio Marchiano

M.Cangini - E.Papiccio - D.Marchianò

M.Cangini – E.Papiccio – D.Marchianò

Demetrio Marchianò with the most experience of primary flow element joined valveIT as a Business Developer Manager Oil&Gas.

Had an amazing CV with experiences performed in FMC, Euromisure (WIKA group).

His knolwedge is about calculation and heading the manufacturing of Venturi, Orifice fittings, Multistep restriction orifices, Flow nozzle ptc6, Fiscal metering tube including calibrationing in authorized laboratory.




Ettore Papiccio

Ettore Papiccio PM Pharma&Bio

Ettore Papiccio PM Pharma&Bio

Dear Ettore,

I’d like to personally welcome you to the team. It’s an exciting time for valveIT srl as we continue to grow,we strive to remain as adaptable, motivated and responsive to our new employees as we are to our customers.

Ettore has the most experience about aseptic valves and bio processes and joined valveIT srl as a PM for Bio&Pharma valves.

We’re glad to have you on board!







Ibrahim Selim and new office in Cairo.

Ibrahim Selim

Ibrahim Selim


valveIT srl has opened the new office in Cairo to handle power stations and water projects in Egypt and Africa.

Ibrahim Selim that will run the new office, joined valveIT group as a Operation Manager of Water Treatment having the most experiences in these fields.

We’re glad to have you on board!




valveIT met East Delta Electricity Production Co.


Massimiliano Cangini (valveIT CEO) with East Delta Electricity Production Company staff

Members of the Egyptian – East Delta Electricity Production Company – were trained by our staff about valveIT process solutions installed on Giza North Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP).








Kowsar DRI Kickoff meeting


valveIT staff met Pamidco and Gol e Gohar

valveIT met Gol e Gohar Iron & Steel and Pamidco staff for the kickoff meeting for Kowsar DRI project.








Steel symposium Kish Island 2016

News - KISH ISLAND 2016


Kish to host Iranian iron and steel conference.

Kish Island, February 2016- The Iranian Iron and Steel Conference will kick off in Kish island which will bring together over 400 domestic and foreign experts and specialists. valveIT is present with his local and international staff.





Xmas dinner 2015

News - valveIT staff

valveIT staff

Thanks all of you for participating at Christmas dinner this year.

You really made a fantastic evening. Highlights included magnificent meal, river of genuine italian prosecco (not for all..eheh), fun company… wow!

We ate too much of course but we all had a great time.

Thanks again!




Colombo – Sri Lanka. HVAC Seminar

News - Sri Lanka. HVAC Seminar.

Max, Mathew and Ninesh.

flowconME srl with the support of his staff Dubai and Sri Lanka based, FCT arranged a seminar in Colombo – Sri Lanka for the launch of the new PICV (pressure indipendent control valves and FCU (Fan Control Unit).

60 local engineers from the most important EPC on HVAC in Sri Lanka attended this meeting.

Thanks to all!






Marco Cavigli

News - Marco Cavigli - Sales

Marco Cavigli – Sales

It’s our pleasure to announce that Marco Cavigli has been joined our company on Sept 1, 2015 in the position of sales.

Marco is a stuctural engineer with experience in valves for heavy duty applications.

Welcome Marco!







Nader Majdi nassab

 News - Nader Majdi nassab. New Technical manger and valveIT partner.

Nader Majdi nassab.

It is a great honour to have you in our team.

Nader Majdi nassab is one of the most expert in the world of DRI process, the ecological process for pelletizing iron powder.

He’ll bring to valveIT his international experience, knowledge and quality of his job.

Welcome aboard!





CHBK (CHAHAR MAHAL), DRI Project – capacity of 800,000 T/Y

News - CHBK control valve under packaging.

CHBK control valve under packaging.

Project type: EPC, in a consortium with NICC

Description of the project: One DRI & material handling plant with nominal capacity of 800,000 ton/year for Chaharmahal VA Bakhtiari Steel Complex in state of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari

Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari “Direct  Reduction Plan” , as one of the 8 projects that has the most physical progress in companies to other relative projects.






Valves designed for you

News - Gate valve DN450 BW rating 1500 psi.

Gate valve DN450 BW rating 1500 psi.





Here an example of a valveIT valves in 3d modelling made with the most used modelling software.

EPC’s save time and project accuracy increase.




KAVEH METHANOL – Waste Heat Boiler for Methanol Plant

News - Kaveh

Future world will need a new fuel for the cars which is not pollutant and Methanol is the best choice. Methanol demands increased up for nearly 20% of the overall demand in the Middle-East and African regions.

One of the biggest italian EPC that have awarded this key project, entrusted valveIT to produce and test the complete range of valves for the project Waste Heat Boiler for Methanol Plant destinated to the giant KAVEH METHANOL.

Valves with pressure rating 1500 PSI with size up to 24 inch will be produced in the record time of 8/12 wks by valveIT.



ISO 9001 – Process completed

News - Kiwa Accredia

We are very pleased and proud to inform you that our company’s implementation of: ISO 9001:2008 – QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(QMS)





DAEWOO – Project EL HARRACH / Algeria

News - DAEWOO - EL HARRACH / ALGERIA pumping station.

DAEWOO – EL HARRACH / ALGERIA pumping station.

Following the award of the big project EL HARRACH / Algeria for buiding a pumping station, valveIT has started the production of the pipeline that is part of the project. We thanks Mr. Ahmed Ramzy head of the project to visit us and made the inspection of our production site.






valveIT goes green. Electric NISSAN forklift by L.C.E. Bologna

News - Nissan forklift by LCE Bologna

Nissan forklift by LCE Bologna

We are focused on complete package solutions where always we have to produce and handle heavy valves or accessories mainly delivered to plants enviromental friendly.

Think green is our main target, to deliver a better world to our next generations.

Beside the 5 tons forklift with special water filter to clean 100% all the emissions, purchased in the 2014, we have invested in the new forklift 8 tons 100% driven by electricity.




Welcome Manuele!

News - Manuele Mignani - Warehouse manager

Manuele Mignani – Warehouse manager

We are delighted you are joining us as a new Warehouse Manager.

Manuele will be the responsible of logistics, installations, inspections procedures.







Iran Oil Show 2015

News - Iran Oil Show 2015

Iran Oil Show 2015 – valveIT staff

valveIT partecipated to Iran Oil Show exhibition 2015 where a record of visitor was achieved.

Let us wish all the exhibition participants fruitful work for the sake of the industry strengthening and efficient development!






New building!

News - New Warehouse building in Casalecchio di Reno - Bologna

New warehouse building in Casalecchio di Reno – Bologna

We are proud to opening the second warehouse in Italy. Located in Casalecchio di Reno – Bologna will be revamped and used as main building for installation and storage of valveIT valves and plants.







Thanks to visit us!

News - Mr Mirzaei and Mr Dorvash in Bologna

Mr Mirzaei and Mr Dorvash in Bologna

Management of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Steel Company visit valveIT to check the status of the project awarded and now under construction.

We’d like to thank Mr. Mirzaei and Mr. Dorwash for the kind visit and the time spent together in Bologna.