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valveIT is an high quality valves developer and supplier with more than 10 years of experience within several valve applications: from water treatment and wastewater treatment to desalination, fire fighting & HVAC. 

We are a project oriented company focused on providing approved structured solutions concerning valves and actuators which follows rigourous evaluating criteria and procedures.   Our work consists of  6 different phases which cover the entire valve life, from the conceptual stage to the on-field application:

  1. Designing
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Painting
  4. Assembling
  5. Testing & Inspection
  6. Packaging & Delievering

As part of our italian character we guarantee an high-rated quality for the mentioned activities which are supported by the range of approvals and certifications we proudly gained throught our years of activity.

We integrate our main business with customer-oriented services which are planned to perfectly fit a varied range of requests. One of this service is our online Marketplace, a digital Platform where you can find in-stock valves & actuators for different kind of applications and environments together with easy-delivered customizable solutions. Whether you are a valve manufacturer who wants to expand its distribution network entering the digital market with sustainable costs, our online platform is at your total disposal.

As our project reference list shows, many international EPC contractors & consultants have already tested our job & products for different kind of projects (from combined cycle power plant to sewage treatment plant and so on), being aware of our strong commitment in offering on-time deliveries which accomplish their standards & budgets.




valveIT has successfully implemented the Farmabios system of water, steam and sterile condensates withdrawing. The system considers an internal coil exchanger which allows effective cooling ...
valveIT proudly hosted the president of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce at the Italian Pavillion of ACITF 2020. During his meeting at the valveIT company ...
Thanks to its multi-oriented vision & Project Management mission, valveIT has been part of the Domestic Water Treatement Plant in Oued Noumer (Algeria) through the ...
valveIT valves are actually installed into the Jebel Ali ETISALAT Data Center of Dubai. Our Approved Italian Quality continues to be a fundamental path for ...
On the 2th of January, valveIT received Petrokima, Gascool, Allied Consultants and ACUD for a successfully passed product final check up control of the italian ...

About us

valveIT is a leader in the valve and plant sector, supplying some of the biggest oil, gas, and water groups in the world. By working with selected partners, we deal with the highest quality valves for Water applications, Firefighting, Desalination & HVAC systems. As part of our project-oriented character we integrate an high range of services which perfectly fit our clients’ specific requests. Beyond the valves from design to delivery.

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