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Direct-reduction, an alternative iron making method, is increasingly popular as it overcomes some of the difficulties and expense of conventional blast furnaces. Direct-reduction iron (DRI) can be manufactured using either natural gas or coal-based technology.

DRI plants - DRI process scheme.

DRI process scheme.

Iron ore is reduced into a solid state at 800 to 1,050 °C (1,470 to 1,920 °F) either by reducing gas (H2+CO) or coal. The specific investment and operating costs of direct reduction plants are low compared to integrated steel plants and are more suitable for many developing countries where supplies of coking coal are limited.



valveIT has a strong track record for DRI technology, and has recently been selected by Gol e Gohar, one of the major players in the iron industry, to supply DRI plant automation systems
In just 3 months alone, valveIT produced and delivered  more than 2 000 valve pieces in more that 20 categories for Gol e Gohar.