European Notice for productive investments aimed at business innovation

The aim of the project is to adopt new equipment (No. 2 Jib cranes with a capacity of 500Kg each, No. 6 Workbenches with a capacity of 2,000Kg each, No. 1 Software for valve sizing) aimed at increasing the safety at work of those involved in the handling and assembly of products and improving the speed and performance of the company.

Improving the safety at work of those involved in the handling, assembly and packaging of products.

• Safety: Jib cranes offer greater stability and control during lifting operations compared to forklifts. It distributes the load and by reducing the risk of accidents related to the lifting and transport of valves, a safer working environment is guaranteed for operators. Electrically height-adjustable workbenches offer unparalleled flexibility in our production environment, allowing operators to easily adjust the height according to the specific needs of the task at hand and the type of product being handled. This versatility is essential considering the variety of products we handle, ensuring that operators can work in optimal ergonomic conditions, reducing the risk of posture-related injuries and improving overall productivity.

Improve speed and business performance

• Better perfomance and task execution: With jib cranes, multiple lifting operations can be performed simultaneously or in rapid succession, increasing efficiency and reducing working times. This translates into greater overall productivity and the ability to handle multiple loads simultaneously, optimising the workflow. Before the project, the company already had a crane, but by increasing the number of cranes, waiting times for the crane to be operational will be eliminated, which will increase the company’s productivity. Electrically height-adjustable workbenches allow easy access to the different levels of our production processes, making assembly and processing operations more efficient. This translates into greater speed of execution and a reduction in downtime, with a positive impact on overall production costs. The sizing software, CONVAL®, is a powerful and reliable tool for sizing our valve actuators, allowing us to obtain accurate and detailed data on the performance of our products. With this software, we are able to perform complex calculations and advanced simulations, ensuring that each component of the system is precisely designed and selected. Using CONVAL® allows us to significantly improve the accuracy of our predictions and optimize the selection of motorizations needed for optimal valve operation. This translates into greater reliability of our products, reducing the risk of design errors and improving overall customer satisfaction. Using CONVAL® allows us to streamline design processes and reduce development times, helping to optimize production costs and improve the overall efficiency of our operations. Thanks to greater accuracy and a better understanding of our customers’ needs, we are able to offer more cost-effective solutions, thus strengthening our competitiveness in the market.

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