Pharma & Aseptic valves

Whether your process is manufacturing large molecule drugs for the Biopharm industry, biofuels, cosmetics or any high purity or aseptic process, valveIT will combine two decades of experience with cutting edge technology and a dash of ingenuity to provide value added solutions for your processing needs.


Welded valve configurations are designed to improve the process in aseptic production facilities by reducing the dead legs in accordance to cGMP. Welded valve configurations may be as simple as a valve by tube fabrication or as complex as multiple valve bodies of different sizes welded into a valve cluster. All welded end connections are available. The applications are endless and the challenge is to efficiently meet the process needs.

Strict quality control is followed for every welded valve configuration produced by SED. All weld seams that are accessible are polished according to the interior surface specification. The completed welded valve configuration is visually inspected and 100% are pressure tested.

During installation of welded valve configurations it is important to follow good piping practice to guarantee the valve assemblies drainability.



  • Totally self draining
  • Minimized dead legs
  • Reduces surface contact and hold up volume of the medium
  • Compact assembly
  • Reduces number of welds
  • Provides a ready-made assembly for field installation

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