Valves with UNI EN 10204 3.2 material certification

Valves subjected to particular and critical application may requird the UNI EN 10204 3.2 certification as an improvement of the UNI EN 10204 3.1 standard.

Just to summurize, here the different available standards required in the valve sector basing on their intended use and contractor/consultant requiements:

> 2.1 Certificate: Declaration of conformity of the material released by the manufacturer. Any data regarding laboratory tests such as chemical analysis of the casting and mechanical tests are included;

> 2.2 Certificate: Material complies to the applicable requirements basing on tests performed on model-basis and carried out according to the internal company procedures (Non-specific inspection);

> 3.1 Certificate (former 3.1B): The manufacturer certifies the conformity of the material by performing internal tests on samples of the same casting and lot related to the subject order (Specific inspection). The document is issued by an internal quality control officer within the company;

> 3.2 Certificate: Document with which the manufacturer certifies the conformity of the material on the basis of tests performed by external laboratory and certified by an independent inspection third party.

According to valveIT ISO9001 Quality standards, usually the UNI EN 10204 3.1 certificate is released along with the order. This certificate guarantees the complete traceability of the materials and the relative tests applied on the order lot.

Whenever UNI EN 10204 3.2 certificate is required for complying with end-client regulation and project specification, valveIT is able to involve a third party inspection company and a certified laboratory in order to carry out applicable material test on valve sample in subject with an extra cost to be charged on the Purchase Order.