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Beyond the valves

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Beyond the valves

Approved Structured Solutions which cover the world

We provide solutions for Water-Treatment and Waste Water-Treatment Plant Projects (WTP & WTTP) which perfectly adapt to any kind of environment and material requisitions
valveIT Structured Solutions are ultimately fit for Desalination Projects which include Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems (BWRO) and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Systems
Our products and services range cover the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector with different customizable solutions
Packaging and Services
valveIT package solution is your single source for valve packages, leading valve automation and special features as well as special material, painting or special packaging. Our extensive knowhow in valve packaging is available to our customers in order to help them handling a request quickly and effectively.
We offer the best firefighting valve technology which guarantee high security standards and valuable performances according to specific testing procedures
During our 10-years experience we have acquired the most important quality ceritifications of the valve technology business as part of our intangible company value

Projects Attended and Satified Customers

We are an international project oriented company with a fast improving attendance range that makes adapability and innovation our core values.


Products Delivered

Our 10-years experience is confirmed by the high number of perfectly manufactured, packed and delivered products


Approvals Gained

valveIT Top Quality finds validation in the amount of international approvals and certifications gained through continous innovation and standards

valveIT Project Management

Why valveIT

We are a projected oriented valve company with 10 years of internationl experience in the sector. We offer internationally structured approved solutions according to the client’s specific needs.


According to the client’s specific needs and requests we rapidly project and quote the customized products basing on the provided material requisitions


Once the order has been confirmed we start the manufacturing process by selecting the best quality materials and components provided by our suppliers

Inspection & Packaging

Valves and other products are then tested and packed according to the right requested standards and special needs

Commissioning and Supervising

Finally we guarantee a varied range of Commissioning and Supervising services as:

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT): PMI (Positive Material Identification) – LP (Liquid penetrant)
  • Commisioning tests: Paint Adhesion testing – Third Party Inspection – Quantity Quality & Dimensional – Packing Making

valveIT Marketplace

valveIT offers its innovative and varied range of products directly on the web. Visit our e-commerce platform and find the solutions which best adapt to your needs.

In-stock products are also available.

Product and Company Liability

Dealing with Quality is a matter of reaching high performance standards. This is why we proudly applied and obtained a different range of product and company certifications and insurance as a garantee of our work and commitment

Italian Top Guaranteed Quality Products


Project Oriented

Internationally Approved

Customer Satisfied

About us

valveIT is a leader in the valve and plant sector, supplying some of the biggest oil, gas, and water groups in the world. By working with selected partners, we deal with the highest quality valves for Water applications, Firefighting, Desalination & HVAC systems. As part of our project-oriented charachter we integrate an high range of services which perfectly fit our clients’ specific requests. Beyond the valves from design to delivery.

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