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Founded in 2010, valveIT embarked on a transformative journey within the Desalination, Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment business landscape. We recognized a pressing need for innovation and precision in the realm of valve solutions through a deeper product customization process. With a resolute commitment to excellence, we set forth to redefine the standards of valve manufacturing and EPC Contractor project management.



At valveIT our legacy is intertwined with a vast array of projects and installations, each bearing the imprints of international EPC contractors. With unwavering dedication and technical prowess, we have consistently been a pivotal partner in these ventures, aligning our valve solutions seamlessly with the visions of EPC contractors on a global scale.



Over the course of our 13-year journey, valveIT has achieved a remarkable milestone in cultivating an expansive and diverse client portfolio. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has led us to forge invaluable partnerships with a multitude of clients across the industry of fluid control. The resounding trust placed in us by this extensive array of clients underscores our position as a reliable partner in the valve sector.

Why valveIT?

In the realm of a project-centric enterprise, leveraging a decade-long wealth of experience within the sector, we stand as a stalwart provider of globally endorsed valve solutions meticulously tailored to the distinct requisites of our esteemed clients.

Fast Project Quotation Process

Aligned with the exacting stipulations and preferences of our clients, we expeditiously engage in the process of conceptualizing and estimating personalized product iterations. This entails a deep analysis of furnished material requisitions, culminating in a meticulously structured procedural framework and comprehensive documentation regimen, comprising but not limited to:

  1. Prequalification Document
  2. Tailored Project Proposal Formulation
  3. Rigorous Valve Sizing Calculation (if any)
  4. General Arrangement Valve Drawings / Datasheets

Holistic Project Management

Upon the formal validation of an order, our operational endeavors transition seamlessly into the manufacturing phase, bolstered by the utilization of preeminent-grade raw materials and components. Concurrently, we furnish our discerning customers with an exhaustive compendium of order-centric documents, exemplifying our commitment to transparency and precision. These documents includes but are not limited to:

  1. Operations and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)
  2. EN 10204 Certification 3.1 (Upon Request)
  3. Company Warranty Certification

Unsurpassed Project Support

Our job involves also a rigorously orchestrated protocol that encompasses an array of technical evaluations and packaging measures, meticulously aligned with both prescribed industry benchmarks and the dictates of our clients. To be precise, our service ambit encompasses:

  1. Exhaustive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Procedures, encompassing Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Liquid Penetrant (LP) Analyses
  2. Encompassing Scrutiny of Paint Adhesion
  3. Third-Party Validation,
  4. Rigorous Quantity-Quality-Dimensional Assessment
  5. Packaging Fabrication

In conclusion,  valveIT transcends the mere products as we epitomize an unwavering commitment to technical sophistication, procedural exactitude, and unswerving client-centricity.

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