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valveIT for the Saudi Aramco Khurais Nanofiltration Unit

valveIT valves and instruments have been successfully approved and applied in the Saudi Aramco Khurais Nanofiltration Unit. The Khurais oilfield development was the largest of several Saudi Aramco projects intended to boost the production capacity of Saudi Arabia‚Äôs oilfields. Furthermore, the Khurais programme increased the capacity of the Qurayyah seawater injection system by 4.5 million […]

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valveIT received the Edison approval as a preferred valves manufacturer. Registration number 146384

Edison is leading company in Italy and Europe. He operate in the supply, production and sale of electric power and gas, in the energy and environmental services and in the exploration and production of hydrocarbon.Ragione sociale VALVEIT S.R.L.Tipo Fornitore PRODUTTOREVL13100605 VALVOLE A DISCO – FUSE VL13200605 VALVOLE A FARFALLA – FUSE VL13700600 VALVOLE DI RITEGNO – FORGIATE VL13700605 […]

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ANSALDO. Meter run

Flow meters have several uses in different industrial applications. When a high measuring accuracy is required, using a Meter Run is the best technique of every primary element. It is an arrangement that consists of an orifice plate with calibrated downstream and upstream pipes and flanges. valveIT has awarded the production for ANSALDO (the italian […]

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