valveIT has successfully implemented the Farmabios system of water, steam and sterile condensates withdrawing. The system considers an internal coil exchanger which allows effective cooling of liquid samples, steam condensation or other hot and pressurized process fluids. Cooling avoids dangerous re-evaporation phenomena and any risks of unreliability of the analysis to be carried out. The system essentially consists of an anti-corrosive austenitic stainless steel coil through which the sample to be cooled flows by gravity or at low pressure and an external cylindrical body of the same material, complete with wall fixing brackets, in which it circulates in countercurrent. cooling water. The device is installed in an easily accessible point of the system for easy collection of the sample fluid, as well as the shut-off valves must be positioned so as to guarantee maximum maneuverability and drainability.

At the inlet, the cooling water flows countercurrent through the cylinder by means of an interception valve, while at the outlet it is collected or discharged directly into the environment, through a pipe with a diameter smaller than the inlet. The steam to be cooled comes directly from the boiler and is intercepted by a sanitary micrometric isolation valve and by means of a Ø = 6 mm tube (standard) or ASME / BPE 1/2 “clamp. At the outlet, it is important that the sample is collected by means of a suitable container previously sterilized in an autoclave and equipped with sanitary valves, carefully placed on the equivalent discharge tube. For this realization, a 1000 ml borosilicate bottle was used, which can be fully opened by means of a PVDF cap equipped in turn with a 3-way diaphragm valve in AISI 316L with a finishing degree Ra <0.38 µ and a disposable VENT filter. (anti-jet luer slip) type PALL ACRODISC 0.2μm. The condenser is maintenance-free.

The system was installed on board a clean steam generator of the Stilmas company and put into operation at the Farmabios company in Groppello Cairoli.